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CAFFEINE IS A DRUG Caffeine is a drug. A useful drug. A legal performance-enhancing drug. It can help physical and mental performance when used in the right way. There are a lot of questions about how best to use and not abuse caffeine for athletic performance. Every athlete is different and different bodies react differently. […]


Kill Cliff ENDURE  Sweetened with a slow-release carbohydrate called Palatinose and mixed with a specialized blend of electrolytes to support hydration and sustained endurance. We get many questions about this incredibly unique drink, so we figured we would create an FAQ page for all things ENDURE and palatinose! What exactly is Palatinose? Palatinose (Isomaltulose) is […]

What is Kill Cliff?

What is Kill Cliff? Depsite the look of the can, Kill Cliff is NOT an energy drink. It’s post workout recovery with all natural ingredients. Kill Cliff is the first and only anti-inflammatory supporting drink. This refreshing beverage will hydrate you and help you recover faster from whatever life has to throw at you. At […]